Devlog 01: A New Build Is On The Way

Thank you to everyone who played the Day Zero demo for COMPANY. I'm taking all feedback and criticism into consideration for the next update, so the game can be a better experience next time. Either next week or the week after, I will be releasing Day Zero Plus, an expansion of the original demo but in a more modern engine.

Why is COMPANY moving to VX Ace?
I wanted to finish the game in RPG Maker 2000, but it's not going to be feasible. The game is a traditional RPG at heart, however, what I have planned for the battle and menu systems can be achieved more efficiently in VX Ace. I know, I know. VX Ace is in legacy mode. But it's still more modern and powerful than 2000. I'm mainly a designer, not a programmer, so I'll take what I can get in the realm of "engines best made for RPGs."

What To Expect In Day Zero Plus
- Pathways. Similar to Pokemon's routes. I'm adding this because there is no world map. People said they felt going from location to location, without something to break it up felt unnatural.
- Improved music, sound, and graphics. The graphics, sound and music will receive subtle overhauls.
- Improved mapping and level design. I'm keeping the tight and controlled mapping style but adding more variation to it. Cities and dungeons will benefit from this especially,
- Indigo City story event. New story event will trigger after clearing West Ruins.
- The first three floors of The Tower are now accessible. The Tower is an ever-evolving dungeon that gets harder with each floor. You'll return here often after obtaining new Arts and equipment.
- 2 new enemies + improved enemy behavior. I'm adding two new enemies to the roster along with improving the current ones (Esper Eye, Fever Plant, and Harvester).

- Minor bug fixes. Day Zero RM2K had a few minor bugs I didn't catch before releasing. These include the Battle Barrier passage glitch, invisible walls and the rain event not turning off after leaving Indigo City. There are also a few typos that need to be fixed. All of these things (and potentially more) will be addressed in the next build.

Below are screenshots and a video of the first day moving to VX Ace:

There will be a custom text box system in the near future.

Apartment complex redesign.

Dungeon test for The Tower.


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