COMPANY Demo V2 Is Now Live

Hey hey hey! The COMPANY demo is now available for download. It's very different than the first one, not just because I moved engines, but because I shifted the tone a bit scenario-wise. I added a lot of stuff to this version. I didn't keep track of everything because I was aiming to meet personal deadlines, but here's what to expect:

- Improved scenario. Still rough around the edges, but the flow of events are flowing better.
- Improved music, sound, and graphics. A lot of overhauls in this department, some subtle, some major. I wanna thank Cyber Rainforce and those who made the awesome RMN Music Pack for providing awesome music for us RPGMakers to use.
- Improved mapping. I'm keeping the tight and controlled mapping style but adding more variation to it. Cities and dungeons will benefit from this especially.
- Zip City expanded. I finally added the factory to Zip City!
- New dungeon: Grasslands Frontier. Added the second dungeon along with some new enemies!
- Bug fixes. Day Zero RM2K had a few minor bugs I didn't catch before releasing. These include the Battle Barrier passage glitch, invisible walls and the rain event not turning off after leaving Indigo City. There are also a few typos that were fixed. All of these things (and potentially more) were addressed in this build. But i'm only human, so if you come across anything weird, please let me know!


34 days ago

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